Navratri Special – 1

Navratri is around the corner. Watch this section for some expert tips to ensure healthy fasting and detoxing.

Navratri is a Hindu festival that is celebrated to worship Goddess Durga & her nine forms. Navrati this year is scheduled in between 30 th September to 8th October.

As a spiritual belief this period is observed as the fasting period followed to cleanse the body from within. A healthy fasting has stages of getting the body prepped for the cleansing and detox without taking a toll over ones health.


  1. In order to avoid giving our body a shock all at once, it’s important to fast in a staggered manner. We should ensure a crash diet; reducing portion from our daily diet this whole week bit by bit to get the body prepared for the actual fasting.
  2. Drink plenty of water & fluids while you start with your crash diet and continue to the fasting period. Have glucose handy especially if you are a working person to replenish from dehydration while on the go.
  3. Have an application/chart that can track your food intake in an effective manner and support you in the discipline.
  4. Stock up all the necessary diet or items required for you to fast to avoid rush at a later stage. Key ingredients for the Vrat include the following kuttu (buckwheat), singhara atta (water chestnut flour), sendha namak (rock salt), sago (tapioca pearls). Other generic supplements can be ordered on this website.

Keep watching this space for the following article on things to watch out while fasting and clean dietary tips followed by Macrobiotic nutritionists.

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