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Younger generations are too inactive, putting health at risk.

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Being lazy and physically inactive is like the current world sensation. People are more into it and still longing for it unknowing about its consequences. It is undeniable that laziness is killing us, killing us to the extent that being inactive physically is the fourth largest killing reason globally, smoking, diabetes, and obesity are just overrated. It is not hidden that we all are becoming highly dependent on gadgets, people and technologies, more than we depend on ourselves and probably that is what is the reason for our inappropriate health issues.

This isn’t an old man thing which has been happening since ages, it is the younger generation who has taken things for granted and have started relying on other people and things rather than doing them on their own. Inactivity is so widely evident. It can be seen in every second person around you nowadays. There will be rarely such times when you see your grandparents being lazy or inactive despite their age and less energy. That is the reason they were healthy all their lives and today even small kids are facing some of the health issues like weak eyesight, weight problems, less stamina and so on. Of course, comfort and bring stress-free are some perks of being inactive but that’s not something that can help you in the longer run. And it is needed to be taught to the kids from the very beginning.

Technology is a big spoiler for the younger generation. They know a simpler way to do everything, a short-cut or a gadget for things and that is why they do not want to work for it. Who would want to? If one has a machine to walk, talk, learn, eat and to do almost everything, who would actually want to work. The result is quite out on the plate for everyone to see. Children have already put their health at risk, their laziness is only accumulating problems for the later stage which they may realize when they grow up. Health should be our utmost priority, the right amount of nourishment with the right amount of exercise is always required no matter how fast the world is growing or how much the inactivity is being promoted.

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