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Yoga music and Meditation before sleep could prevent deadly diseases

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Listening to yoga music before sleeping is beneficial in different ways, they are:

1) Regular meditation while listening to yoga music before sleep helps prevent deadly heart attacks according to researchers.

2) Hearing soothing and relaxing tunes increases a person’s heart rate variability.

3) It is a cheap and easy way to follow this therapy to reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases.

4) It is beneficial in reducing depression and anxiety levels and can lower blood pressure effectively.

5) Yoga music reduces stress levels and increases the positivity of a person.

6) Meditating while listening to yoga tunes before sleep benefits the nervous system and helps people stay focused the next day.

7) It also increases a person’s levels of certain proteins and hormones that are associated with improved resilience to stress.

8) Yoga and meditation reduce inflammation which is related to the improved function of the central immune and nervous system.

9) It takes a minimum of 10 minutes for the mind to be clear and improves the quality of sleep.

10) Yoga improves impaired attention and improves memory retention which affects efficiency and performance the next day after waking up.

11) It reduces hunger hormones and lowers the risk of obesity.

12) It prevents chronic illness and slows down the process of heart disease, diabetes, and cancer.

13) Mindfulness meditation the brain function by slowing down the aging process of brain cells while eliminating anxiety and depression.

14) It improves spiritual and emotional development by focusing on emotional and mental well-being.

15) It reduces headaches and pain and also lowers the risk of injury.

16) It has a proven effect on lowering the levels of cholesterol.

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