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Yoga exercise Vs. Aerobics exercise

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Yoga exercise or Aerobics exercise; many of us are confused about what should be preferred for workout. Which of them is more beneficial? If opting both, then how much time should be devoted to both and in what ways? These are some of such aspects which disturb our mind and workout routine. But, this is true that both yoga and aerobics deals with physical fitness. To get proper and satisfactory answer, we should deeply know about yoga and aerobics.

Yoga exercise – Yoga is termed as a divine exercise which helps in maintaining the flexibility and stability of our body. Yoga was originated in India in Vedic period. Record shows that it was practiced by early kings. Yoga exercises are named as ‘asanas’. Its existence is mentioned in Vedic literature. It provides internal, external and above all mental stability. Yoga is practiced all over the world and in all religion. It includes asanas which works out all the body part in a proper disciplined and systematic way. Yoga is known for their firmness and it makes our body flexible. It is a good combination of yoga asanas, pranayama and meditation. It regulates breathing process and strengthens our respiratory system. Yoga mainly benefits the body internally.

We can go through the example of ‘Surya Namaskar’. It is a set of 12 exercises. These sets provides mental stability by relaxing the mind and improving concentration. Some of the main exercises in yoga are Padmasana, Vajrasana, Gaumukh asana etc. Yoga has a record of curing several illnesses like blood pressure, diabetes, arthritis etc.

Aerobics exercise – Aerobic means ‘living in air’ or ‘relating to utilizing oxygen’. Aerobic exercise was first started in America. These exercises can be of low intensity or high intensity. It is mainly based on stretching exercise. They are performed with rhythmic aerobic exercise. It gives good result in curing illness. It includes daily activities which are to be performed in systematic way to get best result in fitness. Performing them daily keeps body fresh and active. Aerobics include exercises in which body need to be lifted and moved with certain velocity. Mainly it is practiced to cut body fat.

While performing these exercises, body breathes fast resulting in fast blood circulation. These exercises strengthen our heart and lungs by making them work extreme hard for several minutes. They also seen to be a good stress buster. Aerobics exercise includes running, skipping rope, steps aerobics, swimming, cycling etc.

Difference between Yoga exercise and Aerobics exercise

Yoga includes the internal and external stability whereas Aerobics include external fitness. Yoga asanas have slow movements and Aerobics includes fast movements. Yoga helps in achieving stability while aerobics results in getting proper body physique. Yoga is performed at one place while aerobics is done along with movements. Yoga movements are not performed in hurry whereas aerobics movements are performed with jerks and in hurry.

If you wish to lose body weight then surely go for aerobics as yoga does not burn calories as aerobics does. Whereas if you wish to build lean muscle mass then go for yoga as aerobics cannot help you in this.

Aerobics puts extreme pressure on joints which can further increase the risk of joint injuries. While yoga makes our joints and bones strong. It also improves our immune system whereas aerobics boosts metabolism.

To understand this concept more, let’s discuss some key fitness categories:

Losing weight – Weight loss occurs when the amount of calorie burn is more than amount of calorie consumed. Aerobics through cycling for 5 miles itself burns almost 600 calories per hour. Yoga through asanas burns around 350 calories. So, in the concept of losing body weight, running 5 days in a week for one hour can burn 3 times more body weight than yoga.

Body strength – Increase in body strength occurs when pressure placed on muscles exceed its ability and force adaptation. In a research performed on 80 volunteers who were asked to do ‘surya namaskar’ six days a week and for 24 weeks, found a drastic increase in their body strength. While aerobics don’t work for body strength.

Fitness of respiratory system – Yoga provides systematic breathing that improves respiratory fitness. On other hand, aerobics exercise involves increase in heart rate for distinct intervals. This increase improves the efficiency of heart muscles and forces it to work more with less effort during rests.

Mental strength – Yoga and aerobics, both provide immediate change in mental strength. They help in reducing anxiety and depression and improve the sense of well-being. They both were found improving mood swings and body composition. They increase endorphin levels in your brain which results instantly in improving mood. Every exercise allows your mind to focus on movements instead of thinking about your hard day. A survey also resulted that these exercise routine can alleviate depression and improve your sleep.  

Both yoga and aerobics provide several health benefits like improved muscle tone, reducing body weight and enhancing mental strength. But, every form of exercise has its strengths and weaknesses. So, everyone should select according to his/her fitness goals. According to me, you should include both yoga and aerobics in your workout routine unless you are suffering from any joint related problem. They both are beneficial in making your body healthy and strong. Above all, you are a best judge to decide the suitable workout for you. Just you need to study your body and its requirements and plan a workout routine that benefits you. 

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