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Why youngsters are getting attacked of type-2 diabetes more?

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Type 2 diabetes is highly common these days and there can be various reasons behind that. 95% of people having diabetes are suffering mainly from type 2 diabetes as type 1 is extremely rare. It is not that diabetes cannot be cured or the risk of it is irreversible, it is just that the spreading of the disease is on increase with every day and that is what scares the people. A recent study has shown that type 2 diabetes is attacking youngsters at a high level. It is striking hard to just grown-ups and that needs to be controlled. The lack of activity and physical training, the eating of unbalanced diets and junk foods, the accumulation of sugar in the body and many more are the prominent reasons of that and it is a point t worry for sure.

Facts about Type 2 diabetes :

• A lot of people think that diabetes can only hit those who have a family history of it or is hereditary but that is not true in the current scenario. These days it is even hitting people who have had absolutely no contact with it in the past.

• Obesity is one of the main and strong points for the cause of diabetes. Youngsters eating irregular meals, unhealthy foods, a large number of sugary items are deadly.

• Also, youngsters do not believe that they can have any such disease as they are too young for it and that is their another mistake. They do not want to see doctors when it is most needed and ignore it until they find out symptoms at a later stage.

• The mean or average age of people who can get diabetes is gradually going down and has come to reach around or below 30 which is just not good.

• Indians who were more known to be active as their genes motivated them to be have become extremely lazy and inactive in the current generation which needs to be changed in order to get saved from the type 2 diabetes.


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