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What are the walking workouts to burn serious calories?

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Exercise should be a part of everyone’s daily routine. It is something which is unavoidable and if people take their health for granted, it becomes lifetime regret for them. Exercise is not just to stay slim and have a hot body but is necessary for a healthy living and smooth functioning of all parts. People are mostly confused about what exercise they should do in their daily routines and if they are doing it correctly or not. Walking is one of the smoothest and best workouts for a person to make a habit and maintain a fit body and lifestyle. It is easy and has several benefits for a person’s health. But plain simple walking will not help as much as doing some workouts with walking will do. Here is a list of some top walking workouts to burn serious calories.

1. A walk of 15 minutes

Simple yet very effective is a walk of 15 minutes that a person can do pre-dinner or pre-breakfast early in the morning just to boost himself and blast some calories before eating. It does not take much of people’s efforts and really helps in boosting metabolism and energy of a body.

Some walking workouts which can be done along with a small walk of 15 minutes are:

• Alternating squat-kicks after every 5 minutes will add up to the walking exercise.

2. A walk for 30 minutes

If you wish to start your day with a bang of energy and positivity, a walk for around 30 minutes is perfect to start a day. It improves the heart-pumping of a body and also gives an immense amount of energy to keep you charge all day and not make you lethargic in between your busy schedule.

Some walking workouts which can be done along with 30 minutes walk are:

• 30 uppercuts after every 5 minutes walk

• Walkouts into plank

3. 45 minutes walk

Walking for 45 minutes can be good for a weekend workout when you have more time and are willing to invest that time in your body. Just take your headphones along and go for a long walk which will refresh you from within.

Some b which can be done along with 45 minutes walk are:

• 20 jumping jacks

• 5 mountain climbers

• 20 Elbow to knee touches

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