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Waking up with back pain : Do this Workouts

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Having back pain right after you wake up is very common and can happen due to several reasons such as bad sleep habits, irregular sleep positions, inactivity etc. There is nothing to worry though as there are many ways to cure your back pain at home without having to visit a doctor. Remember ignoring constant backaches can lead to severe pain, hence make sure you do suffer for a long time and seek for help and medication if it does not cure even by the methods given below.

Here are some steps to get relief from daily back pain issues:

1. Adjust your sleep position :

It happens a lot with people that they sleep in some inappropriate positions which gives pain to their body parts. Like all other postures, sleeping right is also very important. Different people have different comfort with positions, still, you should try to sleep on one side in the fetal position. Check if your mattress sags or have lumps, if yes that change it asap.

2. Do stretches in bed :

Once you lie down and feel pain in your back, try to do some stretches regularly. Like, fold your knees to your chest, a pelvic tilt, twist your body gently etc. This will help your muscles become lighter and make you feel better.

3. Take a hot bath :

Bathing in hot water can usually remove your back pain. If you feel the pain while you sleep, just take a long hot bath before sleeping and it will keep you fresh and pain-free.

4. Yoga is the best cure :

Undoubtedly, yoga is a form of exercise which can cure best of the diseases and pain and if you tend to have regular back pain and nothing is helping, start doing yoga. It will not only heal your pain and will also remove it forever. Make it a part of your routine and see the changes.

5. Keep a heating pad handy :

You can always keep a heating pad with you so that whenever you feel even a bit of pain in any of your body part including back, you can put it below your back and the heat will heal the pain instantly.

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