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Type 1 Diabetes Linked to Greater Risk of Heart Disease, Early Death.

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Only 5 % of people suffering from diabetes are diagnosed with type 1 diabetes and it is found that it has a higher risk of causing heart diseases and can cause earlier death than normal. A new study says that if children below the age of 10 are diagnosed with type 1 diabetes than they have greater chances of strokes and attacks than the people above the age of 10. His study is making headlines from quite some time now. There is no supporting evidence to this other than a follow up of diagnosed with diabetes and people without it. It was found that people diagnosed with diabetes had an average of 16 years less life than those not having diabetes before the age of 10.

It was further found that people having type 1 diabetes had more chances of having heart-related problems than those who are normal. It really fears to know that the risk of getting heart strokes and attacks are 30 times much higher for people diagnosed with diabetes before the age of 10 and people diagnosed with type 1 diabetes in-between age of 26 to 30 have 6 times more risk of having serious heart diseases.

Also, early onset of type 1 diabetes are four times higher chances of dying early than the normal people and there are seven times more chances that their death will result from a type of a heart disease. Al this really scares the youth and the future of the society as people are becoming more ignorant towards their health and this is causing severe health issues in their lives. Do not take your life for granted no matter what. Try to read more about the studies and the facts and take care of your health and lifestyle so as to lead a happy life ahead.

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