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The Rise of Type 2 Diabetes increase Heart attacks

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Many kinds of research and heart foundations have spread this alarm that type 2 diabetes can result in a subsequent increase in the number of heart failure problems like attacks and strokes, angina which all occur due to bad routines of life and way of living. Since 90% of people suffering from diabetes are diagnosed with type 2 diabetes only, it is important to understand its impact on health.

Obesity Causes of a Heart attack :

Obesity is one of the deadliest problems of all times. Children as young as 9 years are even facing obesity problems resulting further in type 2 diabetes. Obesity is being caused due to several reasons; inactivity being one of them and it can be seen in every second person these days. A study shows that diabetes can cause over 3 lakh cases of heart diseases by 2023. Also, there will be an increase in a number of heart attacks happening only because of diabetes. Al these numbers are surely scary and need to be watched before its too late.

Heart diseases because of Type 2 Diabetes :

Overall doctors have this theory that about one-third of people in the world will have heart diseases because of type 2 diabetes. This problem is leading to children as well which was until now just seen in adults. People need to take precautionary steps and watch out their health-related decisions in life such as what they are eating and how much they are eating in order to prevent both obesity and eventually type 2 diabetes. Carbohydrates have become a usual routine for all. People hardly see their lifestyle and then regret or life. Adults have to maintain their diets and have to teach the same to their children in order to avoid any further diseases and complications in the future. That is the only way to reduce the number of heart strokes and attacks caused due to type 2 diabetes.

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