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Teens mentally Affected by technology use : Initiatives taken by schools to help teens

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This needs no special attention that technology has surrounded each one of us from all sides. We are all
bound to use technology in almost everything we do but not to forget that technology comes with a
cost. A cost that each of us pays every day, the cost which has influenced the teens' mindset and their
lifestyle, all of it counts. It is so evident that the massive use of gadgets and the internet have affected
teens’ behavior and mental growth. Apart from providing information worldwide, it is making children
more and more addicted and that is a harm to their growth and understanding. There is a lot at stake
while teens surf internet and social networking sites. They are unknowingly open to the world all the
time. They see, visualize and understand things which are sometimes not their age and that is what
affects their mental health.

Effects of using technology excessively

As discussed above, teens are always open to various information spread all over the internet without
any filter or restriction. They learn a lot of things which are sometimes inappropriate for their age and
adapt behaviors which are not suitable for them. There are changes in their emotions, in aggression,
they become much more vulnerable which is not right for their age and healthy growing up. Teens’ also
face many different mental issues due to the massive use of technology as they become irresistibly
addicted to gadgets, they go through anxiety, depression and more.
To avoid such unfortunate mental sickness or any kind of pressure on teens’ minds, schools these days
have started taking initiatives and have started teaching children to learn to fight the addiction of
technology use. They understand that technology somewhere or the other is distracting teens from
their studies hence they are taking the following steps:

• Making students and their parents aware of the consequences

• Enforcing limitations and policies

• Ensuring that the devices are used only for educational purposes

• Make face to face conversation at the base of education


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