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Symptoms, causes and prevention of High Cholesterol

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It is pretty obvious that our bodies need cholesterol to build healthy cells. But access  cholesterol in the
body can increase the risk of heart disease and that is not right. Cholesterol is a liquid substance in the
blood which is necessary but only in a certain amount, rest can be really risky and dangerous. High
cholesterol can develop deposits in the blood vessels which can resist the smooth flow of blood in the
arteries. Thus decreasing the supply of oxygen-rich blood to the heart which can result in heart
attack and sometimes stroke as well.

Causes of High Cholesterol

Most of the times, high cholesterol can be inherited from the generations. But nowadays it is mostly
because of bad eating habits or improper ways of living which can be controlled and prevented if
worked on it properly. The unhealthy fast foods these days are major reasons for increasing cholesterol
in the body. The fat and the calories are extremely unhealthy and can disturb various functions of the
body. Thus, it is important to eat a balanced diet and make sure to think before eating anything.

Symptoms of High Cholesterol

There are not any specific symptoms of high cholesterol, people can only detect it by getting a blood
test done. Although a person might feel uneasy and vomit the food eaten which is one symptom which
can indicate high cholesterol, however, a blood test is the best and only option.

Prevention of High Cholesterol

Some significant changes in your diet and lifestyle can result in lowering your cholesterol and keeping it
in balance. These are some points to keep in mind to prevent high cholesterol.
• Eat as many fruits, vegetables and whole grains as possible. In short a diet with low salt foods only.
• Try to eat good fats for your body and avoid animal fats which can increase cholesterol.
• Maintain a healthy weight and stay fit in case your weight is more than healthy.
• Avoid smoking and drinking
• Make a habit of exercising at least 30 minutes daily.


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