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Stress can affect your health and what can you do about it?

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Stress has become an all people thing. You can find it wherever you go and whosoever you meet. It is
found in almost 46% of people worldwide be them, adults or children. It can be because of various
reasons and sometimes people are just stressed without any specific reason. One in every five students
is stressed because of some or the other reason. They commit suicide or self-harm themselves. Honestly, it is very frightening to see so much stress spread everywhere. If you think that stress has just limited to affect your mind and only has a mental impact than that’s not true. Stress has a major impact
on your health as well. It triggers a lot of disorders in your life like anxiety, depression, social
detachment and more.

Effects of Stress

Stress is really harmful to a person’s health be it mental or physical. It makes people lost in their own
world and they get detached from the reality which is not at all a positive sign. They do not take their
diet properly, ignore the essentials they should have and further tend to damage themselves. The
mental disturbance created by stress affects your health as well. It either makes you weak or you tend
to gain weight suddenly. Anyhow, it is not favorable.
What can you do?

Keep the following points in mind to avoid being stressed and identify it at the right time.

1. Figure out the reason behind stress which can solve half of your problem instantly. Know the reason
and sort it out.
2. Take a break for some time maybe somewhere out of the place or wherever you feel calm and
composed and then think.
3. Seek for help when you feel you need it. Do not just ignore your situation. Talk to your friends and
family and be around them for the time.

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