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Sports And Its Benefits

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Playing sports is an ultimate way to improve fitness and health not only physically but also psychologically. Taking part in sports reduces body fat, strengthens bone, improve your stamina and make your body flexible. Research has found that sports support youth development, improve academic achievement, lesser the behavioral problems etc. It develops character, confidence and competence in human being.

Indulging in sports activities results good for your heart and brain. It develops social and emotional skills. This socio-emotional development is best for kids as it prepares them for their career, family, relationships etc.

We all are well aware of the injuries that occur in sports. But the benefits are far limitless. These days government is also giving attention in spreading the awareness among people about the role of sports in decreasing the rates of obesity. People involved in sports are experiencing lower rates of diabetes and high blood pressure and have improved cardiovascular functions. Regular physical activities encourages the growth of new brain cells, improves brain function, and enhances memory and thinking cells.

Below mentioned are the reasons why sports are essential in our life:

Self-esteem – A generous handshake after achieving target in sports develops enthusiasm and self-esteem. An encouragement from friends, coaches and seniors enhances the morality of a person. A motivated person is seen performing great in class or career than to a person always viewed good for nothing. It helps you fight with depression and anxiety. It encourages you to challenge yourself and set your goals. Even a small success in sports will improve your self-esteem. You will learn to deal with losses. Life is considered to be a long path of victories and defeats, and playing sports will help you act properly in each situation.

Sports teaches you lesson that harder you work, better you perform. “Never Give Up” attitude is developed on their own through sports. Achieving the target boosts the self-esteem. Sportsperson is always seen with focus, patience and correct amount of confidence.

Working in a Team – In sports, you learn to collaborate with other team members to win. While working in a project in your career, person with teamwork skills achieve their objectives. Employers prefer to hire employees who can work together with other employees to achieve common target. Good teamwork requires cooperation, and coordination of everyone in a team. Playing sports improves your teamwork and leadership skills. All that we need in our career, we learn through sports like communication, rules, goals and expectations, stamina, attitude and above all problem solving strategies. Learning to manage and solve conflicts/problems will prove essential in several aspects of life outside the sports i.e. work and family relationships. Working with other team members teaches accountability and ability to take responsibility for their own mistakes. It is very important for life if wish to reach towards success, is being able to accept failures and learn from these mistakes.

It is useless to argue that sports guarantees higher income, better jobs, leadership skills, development of team work, hard work and determination helps our young generation to be a best leaders at work and in their society.


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