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Sleeping Problems : How to fix them?

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Sleeping properly is as important as any other thing in life but a maximum population suffers from
sleeping disorders in their daily life and some of them from occasional sleeping issues. It can be really
hectic to have sleeping problems as the daily routine can get disturbed and people start feeling
depressed and lost. All this can be highly problematic for mental as well as physical health of the people.
There can be numerous reasons behind sleeping disorders; some face it due to worries of life, babies,
relationship issues, watching TV late at the night and many more.

Sleeping problems can be of different types and some can also get healed by a few daily
exercises and lifestyle changes.

Problem 1: Snoring irresistibly :

Snoring is most of the times harmless but sometimes people snore because they start breathing heavily
and that can be disturbing for their sleep and others too. People suffer from this heavy breathing a lot
and that troubles them within. With some healthy lifestyle changes in life, people can change this habit
and can improve their snoring issues as well.
• Lose weight
• Lesser down smoking and drinking of alcohol
• Keep changing sleeping positions

Problem 2: Feeling restless :

It happens with most of the people suffering from sleeping problems. They are neither able to sleep nor
they feel like staying awake. They constantly try to sleep but keep feeling restless all the night. They
keep changing sides and force themselves to get a good sleep but that doesn’t happen and they end up
getting frustrated and irritated in the morning.

• Stay calm even if there is something bothering you inside. D not think of bad memories and try to
avoid them as much as possible.
• If you take medications which keep you awake, take them a bit early and consult your doctor about
the same.
• Avoid smoking or drinking alcohol

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