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Problems that can happen: When you sit all day and how to fix them?

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There can be a lot of issues with sitting all day which usually happen with people doing desk jobs. Sitting is comparatively easy from all other tasks hence people prefer doing it for a longer time but anything done in excess is harmful and so is sitting. In corporate jobs, people do it for long 8 to 9 hours and this can be stressful for their minds as well as body. The process of sitting for long hours is resulting in many diseases, weight gain issues and people becoming inactive physically. They are burning fewer calories than people in past used to do thus they face some challenges in their daily lifestyle which can be fixed by some nominal changes, let us have a look at them.

1. Chances of killing good cholesterol :

There is an enzyme in the body which changes bad cholesterol of body into good cholesterol and is also used to break down the fat in the body. As soon as we sit that enzyme loses its power and the calorie burning is subsequently reduced.

2. Muscle Aching :

It is nothing unusual that sitting for long hours continuously can make your muscles and body pain heavily. Though it purely depends on person to the person, people feel their back and waist paining a lot and it becomes their daily behavior.

3. Obesity struck 3 times more :

Obesity has more chances to hit you if you sit for most of the time of your day. Struggling with obesity is a common problem nowadays. Every third person is dealing with this. hence it is better to change your lifestyle before it is too late.

4. Diseases :

The studies say that sitting most of the time can increase your chances of suffering from diseases like type 2 diabetes, cancer, cardiovascular diseases etc.

5. Decreases Life Span :

It can be traced that sitting more has decreased the lifespan of many people and sitting less for 2-3 hours In a day can add approximately 2 years to your life.


One should take some measures if he has a job of sitting all day. One should stand in between intervals to decrease diseases risk and pain in your body. Make workout your daily routine. Take out sometime of your day to exercise regularly. Stretch, stand, walk, and workout to balance your sitting of all day.



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