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Problem's associated with obesity

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Obesity is a serious matter for many nations worldwide and has been one of the major drivers of preventable chronic diseases and healthcare costs. Obesity has been linked with job absenteeism which costs billions of rupees annually. With lower productivity while at work have been costing the employers around $506 per obese worker per year. Governments, health care and business leaders are concerned by the alarmingly increased rate of overweight and obesity.

Excess weight carries major health risks. This is associated with high costs, which includes both direct cost of medical care as well as the indirect cost of low productivity and disability. Costs to health and emergency responders and hospitals have also increased with obesity. Private insurance companies are also affected by obesity. Obesity is an intricate matter that goes beyond a simple lack of self-control.

Obesity could be reduced by improving nutrition and increasing activity can help to lower the costs through fewer doctor's office visits, tests, prescription drugs, sick days and admissions to the hospital and lower the risk for a wide range of diseases. There needs to be additional research to understand the issue, particularly in the areas of obesity prevention and the major challenge of weight regain.

Recent studies have shown that people who live in sophisticated environment like the people working IT, or any corporate offices are the most likely to be overweight. As per the study of employees who worked for Fortune 500 companies had at least one or the other risk factor for heart disease which included inactive lifestyle, high cholesterol, blood pressure and cigarette smoking. Those people who live where stores and other businesses are within easy walking distances are significantly less likely to be overweight, mostly because they walk more and drive less.

Cooperates must promote strategies for active living of the employees. Programs should be created that increase the demand for physical activity like including parks, trails, bikeways and sidewalks. Not only everyday physical tasks are more difficult to accomplish with excess weight but risks to chronic disease will be higher and may affect these individuals earlier in life which in turn may lead to emotional stress and depression.

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