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Preventive measures for Arthritis

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It is bitter truth that we cannot always prevent arthritis. Some of the common causes of arthritis like increasing age, family history and in some cases gender are out of our control. There are almost 100 different types of arthritis and out of them three main types are osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis and psoriatic arthritis. These all types develop in a different way but all are painful and lead to loss of function and deformity. But, practicing healthy habits can reduce the risk of developing painful joints as you reach to old age. Few of these practices are regular exercise and eating healthy diet. These habits prevent us from several other diseases too.

Why arthritis pain arises?

Arthritis pain and stiffness arises when the cartilage i.e. the rubber cushion in joints which absorbs shock for bones and permit them to glide smoothly while we move, wears away. When we lose enough cartilage, required to protect our bones from damaging each other, then we feel it. Women are most common victims of arthritis. It is because women have less knee cartilage than men.

To get rid of arthritis, people are opting knee replacement surgeries. But, there are certain preventive measures we can choose to stay away from Arthritis.

Eat fish regularly

Some fishes are rich in omega-3 fatty acids. Omega-3 is a healthy polyunsaturated fat. These fatty acids are loaded with health benefits. They have the ability to reduce inflammation in the body. A study also concluded with the fact that women who consumes fish regularly are found at lower risk for rheumatoid arthritis. A department of United States have recommended its citizens to eat fish high in omega-3 twice a week. Some of the fish having high omega-3 are salmon, trout, sardines etc. Also, fish caught in wild is found best over farmed fish.

Body weight need to be controlled

Your body weight is balanced and supported by your knees. So, becoming overweight can be tough for your knees. For example, if you are just 10 kgs overweight then the pressure on your knees while you move increases by 20-30 Kgs per step.

A researcher found that, overweight women are around four times more at risk to get osteoarthritis than women having normal weight. Practicing balanced diet and regular exercise can help in bringing your weight into a healthy range.

Regular Exercise

Exercise has lots and lots of hidden health benefits, one of it is making healthy bones. It not only relieves from excess weight of your joints but also makes strong muscles around our joints. This can protect them from wear and tear.

To get maximum benefits from exercise, one can also choose aerobics like walking, swimming etc. Include some stretching too to maintain flexibility and proper movement.

Avoid getting injured

We all know that with the time, our joints may start to wear out. But problem increases when we get injured at that stage. We should be extra careful while playing outdoor sports and meeting even casual accidents. Getting injured can damage your cartilage, which can wear out more quickly. Always use proper safety equipment while playing outdoor sports and opt the correct techniques.

Joints need to be protected

Using right postures while sitting, working and lifting can strongly protect our joints from daily stress. Like, to pick up object from ground, bend with your knees and hips instead of bending your back. Be careful while carrying any object. It should be close to your body so that your wrist face less strains. Provide proper support to your back, legs and arms while sitting for long hours.

Avoid becoming Vitamin D deficient

Several studies proved that vitamin D decreases knee pain in people who unfortunately can become a osteoarthritis patient. Your body is well efficient in making most of vitamin D it needs along with sunlight. You can also get vitamin D through your diet by eating fatty fishes like salmon, tuna, sardines, herring etc. Vitamin D fortified milk, cereals and milk too can be included in daily diet.

Say ‘NO’ to high heels

Human foot is not designed to walk on toes. Most of the leg problem arises from using high heels for long hours. It is fine if used occasionally but if avoided completely will be the best move. Some well-wishers comments that your body will thank you if you choose more joints-friendly footwear.

Stay Hydrated

We can also prevent arthritis by staying hydrated. Cartilage in our joints are made up mostly of water which keeps our joints cushioned and greasy. When we are dehydrated, water gets sucked off the cartilage and finally can get more easily damaged. Whenever the cartilage discs in spine loses moisture, it increases pain. So, stay hydrated and keep your cartilage healthy. It is recommended to consume 6-8 glasses of water daily to stay healthy in several years to come.  

Regular Medical Check-ups

If you feel any risk of arthritis, don’t delay in consulting the doctor. It is observed that damage from arthritis continuously progresses. This means the longer you ignore the treatment, the more destruction can occur to your joints. Doctors are specialized and they can suggest correct treatments and change in lifestyle, if required. Their suggestion can minimize the speed of destruction and improve your stress-less mobility.

Our cartilage in joints get nourishment and lubrication through movement and pressure. If you ever been immobilized for several hours, you may have noticed extreme stiffness. It is only because the joints become malnourished. So, regular exercise, movements and pressure prevents arthritis by keeping joint structures lubricated and fully nourished.

Stay fit and healthy!!!

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