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Must have accessories for yoga practice and their benefits

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Not a topic of debate anymore that yoga has tons of benefits hidden for the well being of people, both physically and mentally. Doing yoga daily will help you to be refreshed, energetic, stress free, physically flexible and build strength and endurance of mind and body. It is really tough to pen down the list of benefits of yoga. Yoga not only burn calories but also help in toning your muscles. This is an elegant exercise for individuals who need to stay physically and mentally fit.

If a beginner, you must be wondering what  are the requirements to get the best result of yoga. There’s a lot of yoga gear that can help take your practice to the next level. Choosing what to buy can be tough at times.

Below mentioned list will help you choose what to buy and will definitely make shopping easier and beneficial.

Yoga Mat 

Yoga involves lot of movement on the floor. So, yoga mat prevents you from slipping. It is also called sticky mat. Mat helps you to get confined to your place and creates traction's for your hands and feet while you get sweaty. It also acts as a cushion on floor. I will suggest you to keep your mat as a personal to maintain hygiene.

Choose your mat according to your comfort and choice. You need to decide the length, thickness, durability, traction, comfort, material used and above all its cleaning process.

Yoga Towel

Even the best quality mat becomes slippery when heart starts pumping and heat builds in the body. It is because of energy generated while doing yoga. That is the time we feel the necessity of Yoga towel. Avoiding the use of towel can easily result from relaxing to stressful and slippery. The towel you choose should be lightweight, durable and easy to maintain. These towels absorbs the sweat that your body releases while doing yoga for minutes or hours and prevent you from slipping.

Yoga Strap

Yoga strap can be of great help throughout the exercise in making postures more easily and it increases flexibility. Yoga straps are extremely useful in many postures like pascimotanasana, where you face difficulty to hold your feet. They act like an arm extender by bridging the gap while doing stretching exercises. They improve your form and help you hold positions for longer time. These straps should be durable and easy to buckle also choose the right size for you.

Yoga Block

Yoga blocks are used to improve your alignment. Mainly they are used for standing postures where your hands have to be on the floor. Most of the people don’t have arm flexibility to hold the position with perfect form. These blocks are useful in flexible poses where you need to elevate a little while lying on the floor. Also during those handstands where you need to hold those poses for several minutes. In other words, it helps you achieve the correct form and maintain stability.

Yoga blocks are made of foam, wood or even of cork. Here, I should mention that cork has natural antimicrobial and antibacterial properties. Blocks chosen, should support your flexibility as it elongates stretches.

Yoga Bolster

Yoga bolster is basically a big side body pillow to provide you comfort. You can place them to make seated and forward bending postures easily. It can also be placed under your knees when reclining for support.

Basically bolsters are of two shapes – flat and round. Round bolsters are useful when you want some deeper stretch.

Yoga Wheels

Yoga wheels are approximately of 12 inches in diameter and 4 inches wide. You can lie back on wheel or place a hand on top of wheel to deepen your stretches and improve flexibility. Slowly roll the wheel farther as you relax into every stretch. It can also be used to challenge stability. Use the yoga wheel as a help in inversions as a center for your back bends and as a core strengthener.

Choose the PVC pipe frames as it will not break or bend when you put the complete body weight on it.

Water Bottle

While doing physical exercise, you need your body to keep hydrated. Avoiding drinking water can decline your ability to perform better. Not drinking water can also cause dehydration and further result in sever muscle pain, cramps and even result in dizziness. Water maintains ideal body temperature and lubricates the joints. Keep water bottle near you while doing exercise.

These accessories are of great help in yoga practice. They help in maintaining proper alignment in postures where body bends and twists. Use them to get out of every posture while avoiding injury.

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