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Midlife crisis : 13 signs will help you to recognize

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‘Midlife crisis’ is a term used when people start losing self-confidence and a feeling of anxiety and
disappointment starts developing in their hearts at a early middle age. Though this feeling can occur to
anyone at any given point in time in life somehow people in their middle age are bound to have this
feeling more commonly and thus this term comes handy to use for them. There are certain signs which
can let people know if they are going through any such phase or not. This phase mostly struck at
anytime between 40’s to 50’s and most people aren’t even aware that they facing any such sort of thing,
that is why there are some signs which will help them know that they are facing a midlife crisis.

signs to recognize midlife crisis :

1. It is that time when people start digging every aspect or situation of their lives quite seriously and
deeply. They start probing questions about their goal and existence in life.

2. As a result of probing questions and digging deep, people come to certain conclusions and take
decisions on the basis of them which might not turn as they had expected.

3. You start losing patience about everything. You feel nothing is working out the way you wanted.

4. The nights often become sleepless. You keep thinking unnecessary about things which aren’t even
that important.

5. This is the time when reality starts hitting you that you have no time to fulfill your dreams or the
time of life has gone by.

6. Feeling seldom bored is a big sign of a midlife crisis. You tend to feel passionless and depressed.

7. There is sometimes this sense that something has slipped out of your hands but you don’t exactly
know what.

8. Suddenly your appearance and looks start bothering you or you completely ignore them.

9. You start losing interest in your romantic life, sex becomes a thing of past.

10. You already start perceiving yourself as an old person.

11. There is a constant reminder that your best time has gone now.

12. Even a single bad day makes you feel bad about life and gives you a sense of a midlife crisis.

13. Everything that’s happening in and around your life becomes a usual thing, you hardly feel excited
or happy about your surroundings.

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