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Machine Learning : Alzheimer’s can be detected with this prediction of ML ID's

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It has been seen that almost half a million people in the world suffer from the disease of Alzheimer’s or some other form of dementia. It is a brain disorder which is irreversible and can affect a person’s brain functions eventually. There are many bad effects of the disease which are damaging for a brain such as memory loss and damaging o thinking and analyzing skills of the brain. It is really hard after a point to live a normal and healthy life and maintain your mind and body because of the seriousness of the disease.

What is the cure for the disease?

For now, there aren’t any specific treatments for the diseases but there are some medications which can postpone the effects of and symptoms of the disease for some further years. This is the only cure that has been found in the field of medical research for Alzheimer’s disease. It is to note that these medicines only work when the disease is diagnosed at an early stage before the symptoms become apparent and harmful to the body. There have been quite some studies about the disease and they say that the brain starts getting damage at a much early stage when actually the symptoms start to show. Still, researchers are looking for ways through which the symptoms of Alzheimer's can be identified as a prominent stage to be able to cure it right.

Machine learning prediction

Through a research conducted on about 200 patients who have visited the clinic of dementia in past years that patients with the disease are subjected to have a mild cognitive impairment or decline which is supposed to be the earliest sign of the disease where people start losing memory and other functions. Overall the results of all the tests show that diffusion MRI could be a tool which can help in the detection of Alzheimer’s disease.

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