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Important tips to exercise with high blood pressure

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Physical inactivity is one of the reasons for high blood pressure. It is highly important to stay fit and
healthy in order to lower your blood pressure readings. People might think that it is just because of
tension or stress but it usually happens because of bad eating and staying unfit. Exercising regularly is
very helpful in keeping blood pressure in control. A healthy diet plus some basic exercises is a way of
maintaining a healthy blood pressure level always. High blood pressure is a dangerous disease if it
becomes excessive. It hardly shows any symptoms but can lead to heart attacks and strokes which can
be life taking. Overeating, lack of physical activity and poor health conditions can lead to high blood

Tips to exercise when you have high blood pressure

Heart-pumping exercises: Though any kind of physical activity is not bad but doing heart-pumping
exercises are more effective. Doing cardio or aerobics exercises will help in lowering high blood
pressure. Moderate exercises have to be done for at least 100 hours in a week. Exercises like jogging,
swimming, playing basketball or running can be really helpful for the prevention.
Use weights: Weight training is again quite helpful in preventing high blood pressure. It also makes
your heart pump to a level and lets out sweat which is a good sign and can help in decreasing blood
Do it regularly: The best way to exercise is to spend at least 10-20 minutes daily rather than doing it
all on the weekends. Spend a constant time for all the days uniformly and do not exercise too much on the
Go slow with your body: Do not become harsh on your body and listen to what it says. In case you
feel any uneasiness or issues with your health while exercising, do not just ignore it and consult your
doctor instantly.

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