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How Head rush (dizziness) & Low blood pressure related to each other?

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HEAD RUSH is basically a feeling that brings discomfort for a short span of time.

It is called as "Orthostatic Hypo-tension" which occurs mostly when a person suddenly

stands up after lying down or sitting for a prolonged period.

It does not cause any damage to the body or the brain directly but may indicate symptoms

that result in low blood pressure or heart problems.

Common causes of Dizziness:

- Dehydration

- Postural hypotension

- Low blood sugar level

- Anxiety or Stress

- A migraine

- Vertebrobasilar insufficiency

- Labyrinthitis

Home remedies for Head Rush or Dizziness are:

1) Apple Cider Vinegar - Mixing one to two tablespoons of Apple Cider Vinegar to water and consuming it

2) Massage - Getting a massage not only relaxes the mind and body but also relieves anxiety driven dizziness

3) Drinking one glass of water before eating

4) Drinking ginger tea

5) Avoiding hot showers/bath

6) Consuming foods that are rich in Vitamin 

7) Eating whole grains

8) Consuming ginkgo biloba

Low Blood Pressure otherwise known as Hypo-tension can be caused due to various reasons. A reading resulting to 90/60mmHg or lesser signals as low blood pressure.

Treatment is not necessarily required if there are no symptoms.

Some of the symptoms of Low Blood Pressure include:

- Fainting

- Weakness

- Feeling sick

- Blurred vision

- Dizziness

- Confusion

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