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Healthy Drinks for Managing High Blood Pressure

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It is saddening to know that everyone in three Indians is suffering from high blood pressure problems and heart ailments which are risky for their life and health. The biggest mistake that people suffering from hypertension make is that they do not take their diet seriously which is why they are unable to control the repercussions of the disease and further get sick. One has to remember that only medications are not enough to regain a better and a healthy life, one has to follow a balanced diet by eating and drinking low calorie and low salt foods. While having an intake of lots of vegetables is known to all, there are few drinks which can help in controlling hypertension and other heart problems.

Note down these few important drinks and add them to your daily diet which will help you get a healthy life and will manage your blood pressure well.
1. Lemon Water :
Lemon water is a boon if you know. It can heal a lot of problems especially obesity and hypertension. It is one of the healthiest drinks and if you have a glass of it early in the morning, it can literally do wonders for you. It contains Vitamin C which is an anti-oxidant and can help in regulating the blood pressure of your body.

2. Low or no fat milk :
Milk is important for energy and better metabolism but drinking milk with fat is not right. Avoid full-fat dairy and have a glass of low or no fat milk which is helpful to relax your blood vessels.

3. Apple cider Vinegar :
There are oodles of benefits of Apple cider vinegar. It is the best out of the lot and has excess potassium to push out toxins from your body. You can drink it in the morning with a spoon of honey and it will manage your blood pressure.

4. Methi Water :
You must have heard about the benefits of Methi water or Fenugreek water. It is high on fiber and controls hypertension problems.

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