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Health concerns for IT Professionals

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Most of the times we forget to care about our health in the flow of work and pressure. We do not give
much importance to our physical as well as mental stability and that is where we go wrong. Work is one
aspect of life, but health is another and most important aspect which one should always keep in mind. It
is seen that IT professionals mainly who are always in front of computer screens tend to get health
issues which they realize at a later stage. Their job demands them to work on computers even at odd
hours and sometimes do overtime as well. It is not healthy to sit in front of screens all the time, it can
damage a lot of your functions and can-do major harm to your health.

Below are some health issues which can concern IT professionals to an extent.

1. The strain on the eyes and neck

Starting with the very basic health problem, neck and eyes pain is very common and is extremely
disturbing for the body functioning.

2. Insomnia

It has been noted in many IT professionals that they tend to suffer from insomnia and get sleep
disorders because of working late nights on computers and putting a lot of strain on eyes.

3. Anxiety and Depression

It is all inter-related. If a person works too much on screens or works in odd hours, he tends to get
depressed, lonely and stressed at times which is just not healthy.

4. Heart Disease

Well not specifically for all the IT professionals but people who spend most of their time sitting have a
higher risk of getting heart diseases.

5. Deficiency of Vitamin D

It happens due to less  exposure to the sun which somehow happens with people doing desk jobs or
indoor jobs mostly. They hardly get exposed to sun and that can give birth to many diseases.
These are just some health issues which can happen to IT professionals but there are many more which
can concern the professionals once they realize the seriousness. Make sure you eat well, do exercise and
spend less time in front of computer screens.

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