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Food Delivery Services –Pro’s & Con’s

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In recent times, there are large varieties of eateries joints and restaurants who are taking part in online food delivery services by joining hands with various food delivery companies like Uber Eats, Zomato, Foodpanda and Swiggy. These food delivery companies allow common customers to get a large varieties of foods and restaurants and order the desired food online through a best possible and easy online applications or web links.

Busy and stressful life of people are forcing them to try for quality restaurants to grab a desired food from online food delivery mobile or web applications. According to several surveys from Restaurant Associations, almost 80 percent of common people prefer to grab the opportunity of ordering food online almost daily through various food delivery services. Mainly the people between the ages of 19 to 45 years are generally well versed in using technologies, opt online food delivery services as a best and convenient medium for ordering their day to day meals.

The notion of food delivery services is profitable for the consumers and eateries joints, but this concept is also having several advantages and disadvantages. Let us go through the pro’s and con’s of food delivery services.

Pro’s of Food Delivery Services

  • Easily accessible - With ordering food online through food delivery services, the best plus point is the large variety available for choosing application for ordering food items from Veggie Delights, Fast food, cakes, & more to several local food items. One can easily place an order by choosing and selecting from individual mobile or though web links and wait minimum time and good quality food for your order to be delivered at your location.
  • Exploring new eateries at your doorstep – One can comfortably explore new eateries joints so one may enjoy best choice to select from food items amongst several available restaurants. Explorations are essential as people these days are very particular in selecting the menus and food joints. If in case they feel problematic in finding and getting the required result, they will switch the idea and will prefer to apply the method of visiting the restaurants. Food delivery services is a best and easy option of not only getting the good quality food at their selected location, but it also provides an excellent chance for exploring of new eateries joints near your location.
  • Attractive discounts – It is essential that to increase the customer participation, one has introduce attractive and exclusive approaches to stay above your competitors. Best way to attract your customers is by offering good attractive discounts or packaged deals. People always wish to get the required mouthwatering items in an attractive price. This is becoming the most possible reason behind the success of Food delivery services.
  • Escape weather related breaks - Erratic weather can be troublesome for restaurants. Restaurants remain vacant as customers wish to be indoors and enjoy healthy food while staying at home. The introduction of food delivery services has given a perfect opportunity to eateries joints and consumers to stay connected even during weird weather conditions. Restaurants enjoy their profits as usual and consumers enjoy healthy and required food at their doorstep.

Con’s of Food Delivery Services

  • Long wait time in deliveries - With food delivery services many a times it takes longer wait time than expected. The reason of late deliveries in many cases depends on the distance between the restaurant and delivery location. To avoid such delays better order properly by keeping in mind the distance from the restaurant. Few others reasons of the late deliveries depends on traffic, weather, how much rush the restaurant is having and also on the items what one has ordered. Hence, one has to be patient if ordering from food delivery services.
  • Variance in Price - Consumers are sometimes required to pay some extra amount while ordering from food delivery services. This extra amount can be ordering fee, congested area fees and fewer times as a tip of a delivery man.
  • Healthy food - Eating cooked food delivered from Food delivery services mostly creates a doubt whether the food is hygienic and materials used is fresh or not. Are the vegetables or chicken used in my ordered food is properly washed before cooking? Such doubts keep coming in our mind while eating food delivered from food delivery services. This doubt can disturb anyone as no one can do anything if the food one ordered is cooked from frozen material or have some expired ingredients.
  • Enjoying ambiance - Enjoying meal in an eateries joint is an exciting experience which one can miss while ordering through food delivery services. The attractive ambiance and the treatment, all such things revives our hunger. Sitting in a convenient place and ordering food is always comforting.


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