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Fitness Important Nutrients and Vitamins

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No matter how far we go and how smart we become, basic remains basic. As we talk about fitness and workouts, it is highly necessary to take care of our health first and then focus on losing weight and getting slimmer each day. People who start to work out usually focus on losing weight and not becoming healthy and fit. It is a common mistake done by most of the people . They do everything needed to attain a certain body type, but
they forget the significance of nutrients and vitamins which are essential for our body to stay
healthy and stable.

Here is a list of some must-have nutrients and vitamins for fitness.

1. Vitamin C

It is known to boost the immune system of the body and is probably the most commonly taken
vitamin because of its qualities to aid body. It has an antioxidant which helps in fighting with
cold and also gives energy to the body.

2. Biotin

It has a major role to play by converting the fats, carbohydrates, and proteins into energy which
is required the most when you work out or prepare yourself for fitness.

3. Iron

Nobody needs to tell you how much iron is important for our body. It forms part of hemoglobin
and helps in transporting oxygen from the lungs to muscles. You can get it from apricots, cereals

4. Vitamin D

It helps the body to absorb calcium and phosphorus. It helps in muscle contractions and gives
high energy to the body. One can get it from oily fish, eggs, yogurt etc.

5. Calcium

Not just for strong bones and teeth, calcium is also useful for muscle contraction and for
boosting metabolism. You should eat cheese, almonds, sesame seeds and more to get proper
calcium for the body.


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