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Disadvantages of Diet And Fasting: Eating Disorders are dangerous

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The eating disorder has become a common disease . As common as cold because of the madness of dieting
and fasting to lose weight. It is absolutely dangerous to play with your health and
diet. It is just not recommended to be on an irregular and undefined diet which can ruin your mental as
well as physical health. Eating disorders are serious problems which are happening to millions of people
worldwide and they still do not realize it. Thus it becomes dangerous for them. There are
different types of eating disorders which can have an impact on your behavior and your way of living and
can-do serious harm to one’s life.
The following are the different Types of Eating Disorders:

  • Anorexia NervosaI

It is that extreme level of eating disorder which happens due to a certain type of addiction or psychic problem in your mind which keeps you in the delusion that you are overweight all the time and you need to get slimmer no matter what is your actual size. It can cause dangerous damage to your health and to your mind and can lead to an unhealthy and unsatisfied life ahead.

  • Bulimia Nervosa

It is a bizarre condition which is parallel to that of anorexia, the only difference is that people suffering
from Bulimia condition often over eat to a point where they actually vomit all food so as to prevent the
absorption of food in the body. It is insane to a level.

Symptoms of Eating disorders

• Severe weight loss
• Sever weight gain
• Bad breath
• Sallow complexion
• Dull features

These symptoms can often indicate a person having either anorexia which is a sign of malnutrition or
bulimia which can happen because of overeating. In any of the case, it is dangerous for the person and
he/she needs immediate help and medications.

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