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Diabetes type 2 - best exercises to prevent high blood sugar

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Following a healthy low carbohydrate diet is always essential for diabetics followed by a healthy lifestyle. It’s often observed that unhealthy lifestyle habits often lead to poor food choices and promote Diabetes or worsen the disease when it is already present. Exercises lower the rise in blood sugar that occurs after a meal. This happens when blood sugar gets highest and causes the most damage to the body. Therefore exercises helps to reduce the risk of diabetic complications.

For Type 2 diabetes it is always recommended to take some form of regular exercise which in turn helps to increase the body’s insulin sensitivity. Regular exercise stimulates a series of events in the body resulting in changes in body composition. Exercises should be fun. They do not have to involve sports. You can always find something suitable to suit your lifestyle. In general endurance exercise is most effective if you can manage it: 1 hour of walking will burn up to 400 calories, jogging 600 and rowing on a machine nearer to 700 calories. Some basic ways to introduce exercise into your daily life: Walk whenever you can and try to avoid the car or a bus. Climb stairs rather than the lift. Take your pet dog for more or longer walks. Consider buying a bicycle or exercise bike. Enjoy for a dance class or take up swimming.

The heavier you are, the more energy you will use like a horse running with weighted saddlebags! It is worth to remember that something which might not seem like a sport such as digging the garden or walking the dog may be an efficient way of burning calories. Exercising leads to the reduction in energy fats in the blood and the best way to reduce blood pressure. Low-intensity forms of exercises like walking, swimming, stretching, yoga, aquatic exercise, stationary cycling will not aggravate existing complications of diabetes but will help you to get healthier and control your weight and stay in shape.

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