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Common painkiller could increase the risk of heart attack

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Taking painkillers unnecessarily and without prescription can be anyway harmful to people. Adding to that there are some specific painkillers which are risky for our hearts and can cause serious issues to our health. Although people have become so dependent on painkillers these days that they can’t do without them and always need them around for emergency purposes. If any pain struck us, we tend to find a painkiller without even giving a second thought about the medications, if they are good for our health or are bound to ruin it further in life. This is a wrong gesture and surprisingly we all know this, but still, we become helpless and impatient when in pain and painkillers are like saviors to us.

There aren’t two ways about it that most fast relieving painkillers are not very reliable and healthy, and their addiction is worse but according to studies and researches, Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) — medications which are most commonly used by a large population to treat pain has a high rate of risk. It can apparently increase the risk of a heart attack or stroke more than any other medications.

The important point here is that anything taken in access amount or more than you need can be harmful and same is with NSAIDs medicines. They are fine as long as you take them in a small amount only when you feel the urgent need or when there is an injury, it has lower risk than taking it for every small pain that you feel in your body. Limit the use and it will limit the risk of heart attack or stroke.

Some of the most commonly sold drugs and painkillers are Diclofenac often known as Solaraze or Voltaren, ibuprofen, Celebrex etc. Research has been conducted which says NSAIDs are risky but the research to determine which of them are less or riskier for hearts is yet to be made. Because medicines like aspirins are exceptions and thus, the conclusion is still to come. Make sure to take a small dose of any NSAIDs if you have to take it sometimes and that too for a lesser amount of time to avoid any unusual circumstances.

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