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Cardio-vascular ailments research & evolution in India -1

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India is experiencing an epidemic evolution and is on the verge of an epidemic of cardiovascular ailments. Specific transience data indicate that cardiovascular ailments is an important contributing factor to mortality. Demographic forecasts suggest a key increase in cardiovascular ailments mortality as life expectancy upsurges and the age structure of the mounting population changes. Surveys in metropolitan areas suggest that the coronary risk elements are already extensive and that crucial action is needed to prevent further escalation as socioeconomic advance proceeds. It is imperative to obtain epidemiological facts from numerous regions in order to plot, initiate and monitor public health records and observe trends

Indian inheritance of health in cardiovascular science

India has a legacy of knowledge dating from 8000 BC.  Extremely knowledgeable pontiffs and saints professed various aspects of nature & universe, investigated with their annotations, concluded and communicated their findings through the Vedas also identified as ‘Shruti/Shrota’ implicates hearing. They were not saved in a hard copy imprinted form at that period. There are four Vedas Rig, Saam, Yadur and Atharvana, Out of which the Rig & Atharvana Vedas comprehensively cover health aspects of human being. Only successively, in late Vedic era they were printed in the forms of several epics including thesis like Bhagvat Geeta.

Indian/sanskrit origin of medicines is termed as Ayurveda which is a amalgamation of two modules: ‘Ayu’ translates to meaning of life or stage or longevity and ‘Veda’ translates to knowledge. This came into being perhaps in 5000 BC springing concepts & guidelines laid down according to the Rig Veda & Atharvana Veda. Thus Ayurveda personifies knowledge through which a healthy human life with respect to physical, mental, intellectual & spiritual lives can be attained and mostly concerned with the continuation of a healthy life and anticipation of ailments and senility and sporadically with the remedial of these diseases. World Health Organisation (WHO) has lately adopted the same philosophy for the classification of health.

Further around 600 BC, Sushruta a period scientist one can say, scientifically showed the various characteristics of human biology, anatomy, & surgery with instrumentations defined in a book called ‘Sushruta Sanhita which is a great classic and invention on the science of surgery that earned him the ‘father of surgery’title not only in India but internationally. Likewise another resolute physician Charaka perhaps in the same epoch scripted the pharmacotherapy of several illnesses in ‘Charaka Sanhita’ having approximately 120 chapters with convinced effort to transport treatments across to a reason based methodology.

Jumping to modern day findings, Yoga also termed as transcendental meditation translates to a life style approach pooled with nutritional modification and ‘Asanas/exercises’ or specific physical postures mostly adopted from the book ‘Hathayoga’ is in huge trend and practiced by celebrities and our prime minister too. This is a gift from primeval India and has contributed a lot in anticipation & prevention of cardiovascular diseases.

In the next article, we will further discuss about the commonly occurring cardiac ailments in modern day population and further discuss the causes & remedies.

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