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Bleeding Gums and Diabetes

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Are bleeding gums and diabetes inter-related?

It is often seen that people suffer from gum diseases or have bleeding in their gums. But hardly they are able to decode it properly or know what it actually means. Mostly they take it as just a random problem. Assuming it happens in gums due to eating something hard maybe. But that’s not the case always. Sometimes, it can be serious and your slight bleeding gums can result in diabetes later. It is important for people to know that severe gum diseases like periodontitis can be an indication of type 2 diabetes. Periodontitis is the most chronic oral disease and it is seen that people suffering from it tend to have diabetes and the chances are two to three times more.

The simple and straight point is that both gum diseases and diabetes are inter-related. People having diabetes are often found with bleeding gums and vice versa. All in all, it is important to keep diabetes in control in order to avoid periodontitis and prevent gum diseases to prevent diabetes.

5 Tips to avoid and cure bleeding gums

  •  Try to avoid acidic drinks which can harm your gums like soda, lemon water and other energy drinks.       They have a tendency to erode your teeth and lead to decaying.
  •  Regularly clean between your teeth  and completely through your mouth. Floss in every direction with a flow to make sure your teeth do not bleed.
  • Brush your teeth at least two times and for almost two minutes is a healthy move to keep your teeth strong.
  • Just brushing teeth is not enough, make sure to brush your tongue as well to avoid getting bacteria.
  • Make a habit of visiting your dentist once in a while to resolve any issues with your gums instantly.

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