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Best Healthy Drinks for Summer and their benefits

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Summers, meaning high temperature, everyone feeling messed up, fatigue and sweaty. Staying hydrated in this situation is first and foremost requirement for human body. Our body loses excess water due to excessive sweating. So, to maintain the water balance we need to drink a lot of water to quench thirst. Drinking water sometimes become boring, so today we will discuss about some of the summery beverages that will satisfy your thirst and keep your body cool. So, let us join hands and fight with this high temperature in a healthy way through these bunch of summer drinks.

Sattu Sharbat – Sattu sharbat, a desi summer drink is a specialty from Bihar that keeps our body cool in hot summer day. It has a capability of both, refreshing and filling. It is made up by mixing sattu flour, sugar and water.

Buttermilk – Buttermilk, a curd based drink that is most preferred by Indians. It is a good digestive and spices added to it like jeera and mint leaves enhances its benefits.

Sugarcane juice – Sugarcane juice is a remedy to several problems. It is preferred as energy drink and helps build body fluids that cures dehydration and dullness. You can add mint leaves to this as it enhances the taste and cooling effect.

Barley Water – Consuming barley water is an ancient way for good health. It is a prepared by mixing pearl barley, water, salt, honey and lemon and your healthy drink is ready to benefit you.

Watermelon Juice – Watermelon, a best fruit for summer and is even better is its juice. Its juice keeps you refresh and hydrated throughout the day.

Lemonade – Lemonade, a best suitable and feasible way to keep us hydrated. It is a quick drink to make. It is prepared by mixing mint leaves, lemon juice, sugar, salt and water. To add some more taste to it, we can add spices like cumin, coriander powder, and black pepper.

Aam Panna – Aam panna, a super tasty drink that is most popular in Maharashtra is made up of maximum favoured fruit – Mango. This refreshing drink is prepared by blending mango pulp cumin, jeera and mint leaves. This amazing drink keeps you refreshed and energized throughout the hot summer day.

Orange iced tea – Orange iced tea keeps you energized and cool throughout the day. Its cooling effect helps in soothing your body and mind.

Thandai – Thandai, a North Indian drink, is good in taste and is a best refreshing drink for a hot sunny day. One glass of thandai prevents you from dehydration and keeps you active.

Grape soda – Grape soda, a tangy and amazing drink results great when anyone is feeling dehydrated. It is prepared by mixing grape juice and honey. It keeps you hydrated and also provides essential nutrients to our body.

Lassi – Lassi is an ancient way of keeping our body refreshed and hydrated for all day long. This sweet drink keeps body cool and prevent us from dehydration problem.

Fruit smoothies – Mix your favourite fruits with yoghurt and add some ice cubes and your healthy refreshing drink is ready to serve you several health benefits. Enjoy this delicious drink and stay healthy and hydrated.

Badam Milk – Along with being a cooling drink, badam milk is also a healthy summer drink loaded with several essential nutrients. Badam milk has a nutty flavour added with cardamom makes it a tempting drink.

Chamomile tea – Brew chamomile tea and refrigerate it for few hours. Don’t forget to add honey to it before drinking. This is a best hydrating beverage which soothes you in a hot sunny day.

Kokum juice – Kokum juice, a perfect drink for summer which not only helps you to get hydrated but also improves digestion, appetite and cardiovascular health. It also fights against several infections by purifying the blood.

So, let’s be ready, move ahead and enjoy these tasty and healthy drinks and ensure a happy and healthy summer. Stay healthy and hydrated!!

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