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Best Gadgets to manage diabetes

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Diabetes are now no more confined to any particular age. Number of people suffering from diabetes is increasing day by day. Continuous advancement in technologies is helping patients to take control of their diabetes. Diabetes has to be managed 24x7.  These days very new and improved gadgets are available which offers convenience, and better ways to manage blood glucose levels. Choosing perfectly the right gadget can bring good result in managing diabetes.

While choosing, you need to keep in mind the comfort and easy to handle gadget. Various smartphone apps are also available which can help in managing diabetes.

Below mentioned are the list of gadgets/technologies available easily in the areas of continuous glucose monitoring systems and apps for data management for diabetes.

Pedometer – It is a device that keeps track of steps you walk in a day. It encourages you to move more steps in a day. Walking plays very important part in managing diabetes. There are many types of Pedometer available, some are only basic counters and some keep more records of activity in detail. Several exercise programs are using pedometer. It leads to healthy body through increased activity and controls the blood sugar level.

Smartphone Apps -   Apps play great role in managing glucose level by tracking records of carbohydrate, water intake, exercises, medicines etc. Diabetics need to check glucose level regularly, for this, large number of apps are available in the market. Some glucose meters are attached directly on the bottom of smartphones. Some apps lets diabetics track and share their sugar levels.

Consult your doctor for their recommendations on choosing best smartphone apps for controlling blood glucose level.

Glucose Monitor – It is a device which is attached to the human body and keeps nonstop monitoring of your blood sugar levels through the sensors. This gadget is useful for people having diabetes problem who miss warning sign of blood sugar level or who are recommended to check blood sugar levels in every few hours.

Insulin Pump and Continuous Glucose Monitoring – Diabetics using insulin pumps also need CGM device. It is monitor stuck on the skin like a patch and transmits data of glucose level to an insulin pump which is normally worn on the waist. Later, insulin pump receives blood glucose data and store on the device. The moment the glucose level reaches the emergency level, it informs the patients so that precaution should be taken timely.

Remote glucose monitor – Remote glucose monitor is also available these days. It is recommended for patients using skin sensors for CGM. This device receives data from skin sensor and displays it on the screen. It is beneficial for caretakers as it deliver sounds and visible alarm when glucose levels enters the emergency level.

Pillbox – It is an important tool for Type 2 diabetics in keeping track of medicines and dose schedule. There are slides with compartments for each day of a week. An alarm can be set on smartphones to go off every time you need to take medicines. Digital pillboxes triggering alerts can be very useful for managing multiple medication. Digital pillbox alerts patient through audio, email, text messages etc. Once these boxes are open, patient is also informed of the names of every pill they have to take.

Foot Care scale – Diabetics are seen having foot problems likes cracked skin, foot ulcers, nerve damage etc. If not treated, it can lead to increase in infection. Bulky patients are recommended to use foot care scale. It uses an angled, illuminated mirror to help patients see the bottom of their feet. Once the cuts or scrapes are seen, it can be treated timely.

Pen Echo – It is disposable and very easy for diabetics who may feel tough filling the syringes. This pen has digital memory functionality. It records doses and time the last insulin injected. It provides an accurate insulin doses.

Bath Thermometer – For diabetics, it can be tough to know if the water they are using is too hot. Though an ancient method, use of elbow to test, is sufficient to know the water temperature. But Bath Thermometer will give more accurate reading.

Tube free insulin pump – Many insulin pumps use tubes and are not water proof. So, tube free insulin pump was introduced.  As it is waterproof, patient can swim or bath wearing this tube. It contains patient’s insulin which sticks to the skin and stays attached for around 3-4 days.

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