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Aviod type 2 diabetes eating button mushrooms

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There are lots of factors that cause people of the younger generation to develop
Type 2 diabetes, they are:

    •  Obesity is the main reason for younger people to develop diabetes as they tend to become overweight and do not have control over their diet.
    •  It also depends on the person’s family history if her parents have high diabetes or blood pressure.
    •  Young people tend to suffer from Type 2 diabetes genetically.
    •  Diabetes generally develops in certain young people as there is less insulin production.
    • Youth generally tend to get a quick and tasty meal by preferring processed and canned foods which should be avoided.
  • Excessive smoking and alcohol consumption also affects the youth as they tend to develop diabetes and other diseases.

Benefits of button mushrooms to reduce T2D:

1) Fresh button mushrooms contain soluble and insoluble fiber as they are low in fiber and have very little carbohydrates which help to regulate blood sugar levels.

2) They are low glycemic food that is perfect for weight management as they have high water content and are low in fat.

3) Button mushrooms influence the production of glucose in the human body which is beneficial for the cure of diabetes and metabolic diseases.

4) Consuming mushrooms decreases the risk of heart disease, obesity, and diabetes as they are high in antioxidants.

5) They help in boosting the production of succinate and propionate by growth production of certain types of bacteria.

6) As mushrooms are rich in fiber, they reduce the risk of metabolic syndrome and heart disease.

7) They provide an excellent source of Vitamin B2 and B5 as well as copper and selenium which reverse the effects of cell damage and aging.

8) White button mushrooms have anti-inflammatory properties that trigger chronic diseases like cardiovascular disease and diabetes.

9) Regular consumption of mushrooms has a proven effect of reducing arthritis which is like to affect diabetic people at a higher rate.

10) Mushrooms have more protein content when compared to other vegetables which are highly beneficial for diabetes and for reducing levels of homocysteine.

11) They structure the organs and tissues and provide satiety.

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