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Are fitness trackers really good enough to improve your health?

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Undoubtedly, smart devices have become a thing in every niche. Even in the fitness industry people are
relying more and more on fitness trackers and smart devices and up their game and stay as fit as
possible. Although, researchers have not yet found any much difference between people working out
with fitness trackers and those doing it without them. In fact, it was noticed during a study that people
who were offered other incentives or those who did it willingly had more progress in their physical
activity than those working with fitness devices. The conclusion with this comes out that just having
smart devices does not make a person fit or smart specifically. It is all about the will of a person and

Outcomes of Fitness Trackers

It is noticed that in the beginning, people using fitness tracker are quite enthusiastic. They try to
work with as much energy as possible. But as the time passes by the device becomes just a thing to have
and has no effect on their health progress. On average, there has been no shining outcomes or
improved health results that could be seen with the new and smarter fitness trackers. A study also
found that people having or using fitness devices lost less weight than those who were involved in
significant weight loss techniques. Anyhow, the reach and demand for fitness trackers are huge in
today’s time, but people are least concerned about its positive impact on their health.

Bottom Line

The conclusion of this study is just that no device or smart gadget is effective until and unless people are
determined to improve their health and work hard on it. No doubt, that these fitness trackers somehow
ease the task and make it convenient for people who are ready to bring a noticeable change to their
health but still it all depends on person to person only.


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