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A study identifies the hormonal link between diabetes and hypertension

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There have been quite many studies and researches on the role of the level of hormones in the development of type 2 diabetes and hypertension. It is really a question of concern that does it have any link with hypertension and increase of symptoms of diabetes. This time a research by Ohio state university has come up with this theory that increased levels of hormones which are further associated with hypertension have a major impact on the growth of type 2 diabetes. They also found out that the risk of diabetes is three times higher for people having increased levels of hormones like African-Americans.

Why is that so?

People having higher levels of hormones, aldosterone has double the risk of having type 2 diabetes than those having lower hormone levels. All this was further investigated by the help of ethnicity as well. It was seen that Chinese Americans who have almost 10 times higher hormone aldosterone levels have three times more risk of having diabetes. It can be reasoned by the fact that aldosterone is produced by the adrenal gland. It has been known to researchers for quite some time that they sometimes increase blood pressure. It also increases insulin resistance in muscles which have furthermore risk for a person to develop diabetes.

Bottom Line

It has been proven that aldosterone has a link to hypertension as well as diabetes but what still remains a mystery is how to treat it and get a perfect clinical care for it. Also, the study amongst the different ethnic groups has to further dig in order to get more information and clarity on this topic. The link is a new aspect to type 2 diabetes and people have already started to take medications to lower down their aldosterone hormone levels to eventually decrease the symptoms of diabetes. Let us see what more will unfold in the near future.

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