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5 types of food will make your well-being

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It is a common thought that eating healthy keeps your body healthy but what many people do not know
or take seriously is that eating healthy does actually keep your mind healthy. You're psychological well-
being largely depends on the kind of food habits you have. You tend to feel stressed out when you eat
unhealthy and oily food, it increases the chances of having depression and anxiety. A lot of people go
through such mental sickness and they are mostly perplexed behind the reason of the sickness, changing
diet can really help and has subsequently helped a number of population. Below are some important
types of foods which can maintain a person’s mental well-being and can keep up the psychological

1. Carbohydrates :
It is a myth that carbohydrates have to be cut out of your diet to stay healthy, the truth is that complex
carbohydrates can really helpful in stabilizing one’s mental health. Sugars found in fruits, vegetables, and
whole grains are highly beneficial.

2. Take Antioxidants :
Antioxidants rich food can really pinch the chemicals in your body which eventually make you feel good.
Bright colored foods like colorful fruits and vegetables kill oxidative stress and inflammation in the brain
and body.

3. Omega 3 :
Omega 3 are fatty acids which are used to convert food into energy. It is mainly found in foods like oily
fish, eggs, meat, leafy vegetables, nuts, seeds etc. it betters the functioning of the brain and decreases
the symptoms of depression as well.

4. Prebiotics and Probiotics :
There is a lot in our stomach that affects our mood and emotions and ultimately our mental health.
Prebiotics and probiotics which are found in yogurt and cheese can be influential in maintain chemicals
in the body, therefore, keeping the mental health stable.

5. Vitamin B :
You must have heard this somewhere or the other for sure that Vitamin B is largely important for a
proper growth and health of our brains. They are found in green vegetables, beans, beetroot, and
bananas. The deficiency of vitamin B can create a reduction in your happiness resulting in mental health

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